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BWL Publishing Inc. (Books We Love) is a Canadian publisher of popular fiction actively working with

professional International, American and Canadian authors in a worldwide marketplace.

BWL Publishing Inc. is located in Airdrie, Alberta

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Canadian Historical Mysteries releasing in 2023 & 2024


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Click to purchase The Gooey-Duck Fountain

Just when Josie, a woman in her mid-eighties begins to think that she has become as redundant as a clam shell, a stranger needs her help. Once again she finds that her life has a purpose. Then, when she, her granddaughter, Fern, and her sister, Grace, all agree to accompany the stranger on a trip to a ranch in the Cariboo, they have no idea of the danger that awaits them. That’s when the three women, with a little help from a handsome young man who admires Fern, manage to solve a mystery that has plagued the stranger for years.  Josie has had an adventure she will never forget and she returns to her life in the Comox Valley with enough excitement to last her for a lifetime.      


This story has romance for both the young and the elderly, humor, and mystery. It begins on the beach at Kye Bay in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island and continues at a ranch in the Cariboo. 



Click here to purchase Sudden Turn

Freelance reporter Ginger Martel loves the thrill of chasing down edgy human-interest stories for her popular newspaper column, People Unlimited. Now, hot on the trail of a story that could well earn her a second media award, Ginger undertakes her latest adventure with characteristic pluck, but she is unprepared for the sudden turn that awaits her.


Hostage negotiator Shane Elliott, handsome and self-possessed, has his own share of challenges, a dead wife and a difficult past. When the frantic 9-1-1 call comes in that stormy Saturday night, he must try to unravel yet another potentially deadly situation. Sudden turns are at the top of his job description, and they’re what he was born to expect.


Can he save the day yet again, or does fate have something else in store this time around?



Click here to purchase The Right Road

Digging up the past can be murder.

Adam Norcross has recently returned from a foreign assignment. Bent on settling his mother’s estate, Norcross is interrupted by his boss for a new task. Find RCMP Sergeant Bethany Leith. He also wants to know how her career has gone so wrong she is suspended.


When Adam tracks Beth to her parent’s farm in Saskatchewan they are drawn into a suspicious death investigation on her family’s land. Norcross knows it’s murder. The victim is someone Nick Leith, Beth’s father, has a troubled history with. What about the archaeologist team digging on the same property, are they involved?


Norcross will use every tool at his disposal to solve the murder and help Bethany Leith. Including navigating his way through the political intrigue surrounding the case against her.


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