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Canadian Historical Brides Collection

Book 1 - Alberta


Book 2 - Ontario


Book 3 - Yukon



Book 4 - British Columbia


Book 5 - Newfoundland


Book 6 - Saskatchewan


Book 7 - Manitoba



Book 8 - Northwest Territories/Nunavut


Book 9 - New Brunswick


Book 10 - Nova Scotia


Book 11 - Prince Edward Island

Release Date

July 2018


Book 12 - Quebec

Release Date

August 2018

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BWL PUBLISHING INC. IS A CANADIAN PUBLISHER REPRESENTING AUTHORS FROM AROUND THE WORLD.  We pride ourselves on publishing high quality fiction written by talented authors with exceptional accomplishments in their traditional and publishing fields.  We specialize in genre fiction for readers who love good stories. 


To celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday, BWL Publishing Inc. chose a group of talented authors to write a series of books highlighting Canadian women and their roles in founding and settling this great country. 


Too much of Canadian literature ignore the contributions of early Canadian women, focusing instead on the men who came to this country and their accomplishments.  The Canadian Historical Brides Collection contains one novel set in each Province and Territory in Canada.  Every story contains all the elements of breathtaking Canadian fiction.  Romance, mystery, suspense, with paranormal elements, and out of this world excitement. The stories are fiction, but the events and experiences that form the core of the stories are factual events from the history of Canada. They tell the stories of the women.

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Brides of Banff Springs - Book 1 - Alberta

In the Dirty Thirties jobs were hard to come by.  Having lost her father and her home in southern Alberta, Tilly McCormack made her way to the famous Banff Springs Hotel seeking work as a chambermaid.  Brides of Banff Springs is Tilly's story -- and the ghosts of course.


His Brother's Bride - Book 2 - Ontario

The youngest child of the local doctor and evangelical preacher, Annie Baldwin was expected to work hard and not protest. Life on a pioneer farm was tough so neighbors helped each other.


Romancing the Klondike - Book 3 - Yukon

It is 1896 and nineteen-year-old Pearl Owens wants adventure just like her idols Anna Leonowens and Annie “Londonderry” Choen Kopchovsky. To fulfill her dream Pearl is on her to the Yukon River area with her cousin, Emma, to write articles and do illustrations about the woman and men who are looking for gold in the far north.


Barkerville Beginnings - Book 4 - British Columbia

Faced with financial ruin and the loss of her good name, Rose Chadwick decides to make a new start for herself and her young daughter Hannah in the rough and tumble gold rush town of Barkerville, British Columbia.


Pillars of Avalon - Book 5 - Newfoundland

David and Sara Kirke live in a time of upheaval under the reign of King Charles I who gives, then takes. Finally, after much turmoil, the King  knights David and grants him the Province of Avalon (Ferryland), a large tract of land on the southeast coast of Newfoundland. There David and Sara build a prosperous plantation. They trade fish and fish oil with English, Europeans, and New England colonists. They thrive while England is torn in two by the civil wars. 


Fields of Gold Under Prairie Skies - Book 6 - Saskatchewan

French-Canadian soldier, Napoleon, proposes to Lea during WWI, promising golden fields of wheat as far as the eye can see. After the armistice, he sends money for her passage, and she journeys far from her family and the conveniences of a modern country to join him on a homestead in Saskatchewan 


Landmark Roses - Book 7 - Manitoba

Elsie Nuefeld loves to sit on her porch and watch the children grow in the Mennonite community near Landmark, MB. Returning to the area after moving to Paraguay for a time, Elsie is happy to be living on the wild rose dotted prairie of south-eastern Manitoba.  She often walks with her daughters and granddaughters through the graveyard abloom with wild roses and shares the stories of the ancestors sleeping there. It’s important, she feels, for the younger generation to feel connected to those who went before.


Fly Away Snow Goose - Book 8  - Northwest Territories & Nunavut

Yaotl and Sascho splashed along the shores of the behchà, spears hefted, watching for the flash of fin to rise to the surface and sparkle in the sunlight. In the distance, the warning about the kw'ahtıı sounds, but on this fatal day it goes unheard; Yaotl and Sascho fall into the hands of the Indian Agents. All attempts at escape are severely punished, but Yaotl and Sascho, along with two others, will try, beginning a journey of 900 Kilometers along the Mackenzie River. Like wild geese, brave hearts together, they are homeward bound. 


On a Stormy Primeval Shore - Book 9 - New Brunswick

In 1784 Englishwoman Amelia Latimer sails to the new colony of New Brunswick in faraway Canada. She's to marry a man chosen by her soldier father. Amelia is repulsed by her betrothed, refuses to maay, then meets and ultimately marries a handsome Acadian trader, a man beneath her status.


The Left Behind Bride - Book 10 - Nova Scotia

Maggie Conrad’s husband of ten days is sent overseas in WW1 and never comes home. A second suitor is lost at sea in Nova Scotia’s August Gale. Turning thirty, and on her own, she resolves to make a life for her herself and her younger brother, Ivan.


Envy the Wind -Book 11 - Prince Edward Island

Grace Aitken's life changed forever when her parents were killed in a carriage accident in a London street and Grace was left in the care of a her father’s business partner, a mean and miserly man. At 24 Grace books passage for Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada on the SS Parisian and a new life far away from England and everything she knows. When Grace finally lands in Prince Edward Island she embarks on a project that is almost unthinkable for a woman alone. She will convert a genteel old home into a guest hotel for women of means who are traveling without a male companion   


Where the River Narrows - Book 12 - Quebec

 For many Loyalists during the American War for Independence, the perilous journey to Canada was just the beginning of a long and arduous struggle to find a new home and a new life amid the upheavals of war and separation, death and privation. For Elisabeth Van Alen, it also meant finding new strength and the will to survive.