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Eileen Charbonneau

Ursula's Inheritance - American Civil War Brides #3

Ursula's Inheritance - American Civil War Brides #3

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In 1864 New York, plantation heiress Ursula Buckley’s inheritance yields secrets of her past, some unknown, even to her. Will her young marriage survive both the civil strife and the anguish embedded in her own heart?

 Civil WarBrides series by Eileen Charbonneau:

 I learned new things about the Civil War, and the best part: the author never seemed to be teaching. Instead, the events carried the history lessons seamlessly.— David Fitz-Gerald, author of Wanders Far

 Through tales of love, comradeship and struggle, these stories illuminate women's hidden role in history by a master at bringing the past to life.” –  Joanne Pence, USA Today bestselling author

 “This intriguing story captures the Civil War era. Spies, secret agents, and intrigue then ensues in a fast moving tale that concludes in a surprising ending.“— Bill Lockwood, author of Gare de Lyon

"In the tradition of Willa Cather…women carry with them a dignity of purpose as inevitable as the story of civil war enmity and love that flows through their lives.” -- Robert Crooke, author of The Chastened Heart

"At a time when our country was most divided, two lovers earn their happiness through a larger-than-life journey of sacrifice and pure grit. Rich in historical detail…”  Jenna Kernan, Publishers Weekly Bestselling Author of Winter Woman

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