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Renee Duke

Travellers with Two Hats

Travellers with Two Hats

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Back in seventeenth century, a Grand Tour of Europe was a rite of passage for the offspring of the rich. By the 1960s and 70s, it was fast becoming one for those of lesser means too. Being of lesser means, the peasantry couldn’t tour it quite as grandly, but it was definitely the ‘in’ thing to do, and is still a popular way for young people to assert their independence and kickstart a lifelong love of travel.

Climates—both natural and political—have changed a lot since the author and her best friend made their trip, but copious notes were taken, and the resulting travel memoir reflects their impressions of that part of the world at the time they were roaming around it.

Both now freely admit they were a spoiled, naïve, pair, and ill-equipped to handle even the physical rigours of such a venture, let alone all the annoying travel disruptions, communication difficulties, unexpected expenses, and various other problems that arose.

Still, they managed. Albeit not always (make that, seldom) with forbearance and aplomb.

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