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Jay Lang

The Immortal

The Immortal

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Heartbroken after a recent break-up, police dispatcher Danny Stewart secludes herself on her Deep Cove liveaboard boat. Outside her dreary work life, Danny’s only daily contact is her best friend, Kara. Or, she had been. Before the fast-talking Adrien Kiji sauntered into her life. Before the calls stopped. 

When an eventual meeting with Kara reveals a black eye, Danny knows there’s danger. But she doesn’t know the worst of it — until Kara appears on her doorstep, clutching a laptop packed with intel on Adrien’s sex trafficking ring. For a few hours, there’s hope…until Kara disappears again. And the next day, her suicide note appears. 

Everyone—including Danny’s new cop girlfriend—believes Kara jumped from the Lionsgate Bridge. Everyone...but Danny. Armed with nothing but an incriminating flash drive, Danny ventures into the sickening world of sex trafficking to find the truth. What she finds is far more shocking than she could’ve imagined.  

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