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Jay Lang

The Flying Dutchman CHM British Columbia

The Flying Dutchman CHM British Columbia

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It's 1913. The move to Cumberland is her brother Billy’s idea, and it’s a good one. The little mining community on Vancouver Island is quiet, and it’s a change—exactly what nineteen-year-old Heather Foster needs after her mother’s death. It isn’t long, however, before Billy’s gambling pushes them both into poverty. Soon after, a mine explosion takes his life.

Desperate and alone, Heather journeys to Union Bay. There, she finds a post office job. More importantly, she finds Henry. Over the passing months, Heather falls for the handsome mariner.

After a string of burglaries on the coast, Henry suggests they move to the USA after he gets his final delivery wages. For the first time since her mother’s death, Heather feels hope for the future—a hope that’s shattered by four shotgun blasts echoing over the bay. 

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