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Jay Lang

The Cove

The Cove

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After six months away, Jenna Malone returns home to Horseshoe Bay to find the quiet village in turmoil over a recent, grizzly murder on a local trail. Things only get worse when she reconnects with her best friend, Rain, and learns that he has wandered down a dangerous path. He has two months to pay a debt he isn't responsible for. If he fails, he’ll meet the same fate as the man on the trail. Gia, a beautiful woman with a similar debt, is assigned by loan sharks to keep an eye on Rain. As the situation for Rain grows dire, a deep passion blossoms between Gia and Jenna.

 With the deadline approaching fast, the two women devise a plan to outmaneuver the loan sharks. However, the plan collapses when an unexpected truth turns Jenna’s world upside down. In a final, desperate moment, Jenna must make a choice—a choice that decides the fate of the person she has come to love. 

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