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Eden Monroe

Sudden Turn - Martel Sisters #1

Sudden Turn - Martel Sisters #1

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Freelance reporter Ginger Martel loves the thrill of chasing down edgy human-interest stories for her popular newspaper column, People Unlimited. Now, hot on the trail of a story that could well earn her a second media award, Ginger undertakes her latest adventure with characteristic pluck, but she is unprepared for the sudden turn that awaits her. 

Hostage negotiator Shane Elliott, handsome and self-possessed, has his own share of challenges, a dead wife and a difficult past. When the frantic 9-1-1 call comes in that stormy Saturday night, he must try to unravel yet another potentially deadly situation. Sudden turns are at the top of his job description, and they’re what he was born to expect. 

Can he save the day yet again, or does fate have something else in store this time around?

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