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Eileen Charbonneau

Stolen at the Wildlife Refuge - Linda Tassel Mysteries #3

Stolen at the Wildlife Refuge - Linda Tassel Mysteries #3

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It’s the 1990s, and big business is lending support to growing animal and environmental conservation movements. First year college students Tad Gist and Linda Tassel are invited to a party celebrating industrial giant Garmon Chemicals commitment to preserve wildlife. Things go well until Dr. Kent Milton, a university professor who has been working with Linda on the project, makes unwanted advances. Suddenly, there’s a blackout. When the lights come on, one of the guests discovers her famous emerald necklace is missing. Dr. Milton has disappeared and may have been murdered. And Linda is the prime suspect.

 “well-paced, engaging… with likable characters.”— Goodreads Review

 “Recommended for anyone who is interested in mysteries and learning more about Native culture.”— Long and Short Reviews 

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