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Joan Donaldson Yarmey

Sleuthing the Klondike - CHM Yukon

Sleuthing the Klondike - CHM Yukon

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David Gastrell is a remittance man in Canada and he is missing. His last telegram home said he was headed to Dawson City, Yukon. His sister Helen and her lady’s maid, Mattie Lewis, arrive in Victoria, British Columbia, from England. Helen hires Detective Baxter Davenport to go with her to Dawson City, Yukon, and help her locate David for their father. 

Baxter Davenport has his doubts about travelling north with two women. He will have a job to do and can’t be looking after them. Mattie has worked for the family for years and remembers David better than Helen does. She also has her own motive for wanting to find him.

The three head north armed with an old photograph. They arrive in Dawson City where the gold rush is in full swing. There they are challenged by deceit, fraud, and danger in their quest to find David.


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