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Jay Lang



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 Freedom Jones is a day away from being evicted from her Calgary apartment. So, when her criminal foster brother Johnny calls in a panic, she is not keen on adding more drama to her problems. Nevertheless, she goes to see him, and Johnny presents Freedom with a strange wooden box. Before Johnny can explain further, there’s a pounding on the door, and Freedom watches from under a bed as her brother is murdered.

Freedom escapes and seeks refuge in Vancouver with Lola, a friend of Johnny’s, only to find that the woman only wants what’s in the wooden box: nine flawless diamonds. Freedom runs, leaving the box behind and the nine diamonds hidden in her pocket. From there, Freedom travels to the Sunshine Coast where she meets Skye. The women fall in love, and Freedom discovers how true happiness feels. 

But her happiness only lasts so long; Freedom sees a news story about a Calgary cop searching for nine stolen diamonds—a cop she recognizes as her brother’s murderer. She then gets a panicked call from Lola, who claims that the crooked cop, Carson, is going to kill her if he doesn’t get the diamonds back. Freedom agrees to a hand-off, if only to rid herself of the diamonds and escape the fear she’s been living with.

In disguise, she goes to meet Lola at the bar, only to see Lola, Carson, and her brother Johnny waiting. She leaves, knowing now that she is merely a pawn in a bigger game, and that she will only be a liability after the hand-off is completed. Despite her efforts to hide on the Coast, Freedom knows she will be found, and must devise a way to protect not only her life, but the life of the woman she loves. 

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