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Eileen Charbonneau

Seven Aprils - American Civil War Brides #1

Seven Aprils - American Civil War Brides #1

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In April 1860, Dr. Ryder Cole returns home from his studies, sure of his abilities and on fire to serve his country and preserve the Union.  A panther attack threatens to cut his life short until a young woman with a rifle and a sure-shot eye appears out of the mist.  Then she disappears, returning as Tom Boyde, his comrade throughout America’s Civil War, and as Diana, met in a Washington D.C. whore house.  The seven Aprils from 1860 to 1866 tell their tale of love and war, sex and friendship. And the price of crossing gender lines.

 "This epic story offers a tale of love and hope, forged and tempered by the fury of the American Civil War. At a time when our country was most divided, two lovers earn their happiness through a larger-than-life journey of sacrifice and pure grit. Rich in historical detail, Eileen Charbonneau’s, Seven Aprils, is certain to enthrall readers with this sweeping romance."

Jenna Kernan, Publishers Weekly Bestselling Author of Winter Woman

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“Eileen Charbonneau pens an emotion-filled tale.  Through her story of love, comradeship and struggle through the Civil War, Seven Aprils illuminates women's hidden role in history by a master at bringing the past to life. Not to be missed!” –

Joanne Pence, USA Today bestselling author

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Eileen Charbonneau's latest novel, Seven Aprils, moves with the subtlety and sweep of her best fiction and confirms her place in the literary tradition of Willa Cather. It is a compelling narrative filled with well-wrought characters who feel like natural effects in Charbonneau's sometimes bleak and often beautiful American landscape. Her women, especially, carry with them a dignity of purpose as inevitable as the story of abolition, civil war, enmity and love that flows through their lives. --

Robert Crooke, author of American Family and The Chastened Heart 

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Seven Aprils by Eileen Charbonneau tells the tale of a spirited and resilient young woman whose deadly aim with a rifle, physical strength, and native intelligence come in darn handy when she unwittingly embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.  Out of necessity, Tess becomes Tom and her life is never the same again.  While in her male persona, a charade she must continue to survive, she begins to fall for the doctor who teaches her medicine and recruits her to assist in the Union Army’s newly formed medical corps, putting her on the frontlines of some of the most horrific battles of the Civil War.  To complicate matters further, Tess/Tom also becomes Diana, the woman with whom the doctor falls in love, not knowing she is really the person he knows as Tom Boyde.  This novel is full of rollicking adventure, steamy romance, great historical content, and even a little espionage.  A true page turner, Seven Aprils, keeps the reader riveted to the very end. -- Eileen O'Finlan, Author of Kelegeen 

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