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Margaret G. Hanna

Searching for a Home

Searching for a Home

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“Where do I belong?”

In 1912, Mary Louisa Appleton is 27 years old and a domestic servant in Cornwall, England. She sees no future there, so she accepts employment with a family returning to Alberta, Canada. It is the land of unlimited opportunity, or so she has heard. 

Once in Canada, Mary faces the dilemma of all immigrants – where does she belong? 

She is conflicted: her body is in Canada but her heart is in England. She longs to return to England but wars, marriage, children, the Dirty Thirties, and economic circumstances conspire to keep her in Canada. 

Then Mary faces a crisis, and she has to decide where she belongs. 

Searching for Home is the story of the author’s maternal grandmother and her journey to learn that home is as much a place in the heart as it is a place on the landscape

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