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Joan Donaldson Yarmey

Rushing the Klondike

Rushing the Klondike

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In this sequel to Romancing the Klondike, it is 1898 and Pearl Owens has been in Dawson City for two years. She’d originally come north with her cousin Emma to write about the people and places along the Yukon River for her hometown newspaper and had stayed to write about the Klondike Gold Rush and Dawson City. 

Pearl has been unlucky in love. She fell in love with a man named Joseph Ladue, the founder of Dawson City, but he loved another woman and returned to his fiancée in New York in 1897. Another man, Paul Gamon, has expressed his desire to court Pearl, but Pearl wishes only to be friends with him. 

Pearl’s best friend, Florence, and her older brother, Andrew, cross the Chilkoot Trail and arrive in Dawson in search for gold. Pearl remembers Andrew as the scrawny boy who threw snakes and spiders at her and Florence when they were children. She is taken by the handsome man he has become. 

Andrew’s first desire is to stake a gold claim after such a long, hard trip. He feels a growing attraction for Pearl but must decide whether he wants to win her hand or follow his dream.
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