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Jay Lang

Run Baby Run

Run Baby Run

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One vacation is all it takes for Grace Kennedy to fall in love with Vancouver. Despite her life back in a North Ontario mining town, she decides to stay in the city. 

After befriending the free-spirited Vicki and fun-loving Jimmy, Grace finds a job at a top Vancouver nightclub. Her boss is club owner Dario – a debonaire playboy who knows what he wants. And from first glance, he makes it clear that he wants Grace.

Swept off her feet by Dario’s veracious personality and unparalleled good looks, Grace moves into Dario’s luxurious three-storey apartment. For a time, Grace is blinded by a fairy tale romance. It is only when she walks in on Dario murdering Jimmy that the stars fall from her eyes.

In a flash, Grace turns from lover to prisoner. Trapped, and in a city far from home, Grace must find the wits and courage to escape from the nightmare her fairy tale has become. 

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