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Jay Lang

One Take Jake

One Take Jake

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Lance is a fool. 

He should’ve stayed home. He should’ve prioritized family, instead of running off to Europe to be a studio musician. 

But it’s too late. His sister is dead. 

After the funeral, he learns what pushed Hannah down the spiral of drug abuse. A year ago, she’d been gang-raped by a local band. At that moment, Lance’s priorities shift. He can’t save Hannah. But avenge her death…that’s something he can do.  

All goes according to plan when he's hired, under an alias, as a guitarist for the band. But his focus is shifted when, after a gig one night, he meets Tessa. Her striking beauty and wild character consume him, pushing aside his obsession with vengeance. For a moment, Lance feels a spark of peace…until one night, he realizes just how foolish he’s been to let his guard down.  

 * * * 

 One Take Jake is a heroic tale that ends in tragedy. The ancient stoics believed in Amor Fati, a Latin phrase that means, love one’s fate. Good or bad we must embrace it and suffer the consequences of our actions. Read this fascinating story and reserve judgment for yourself. Only you can make that decision.  Joe Lynn Turner 

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