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Phillip Hoffmann

My Left Thumb: Philosophical Essays Second Edition

My Left Thumb: Philosophical Essays Second Edition

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This collection of philosophical essays reflects the author’s views and perspectives on a wide range of themes and topics, including the philosophy of science, metaphysics, language, truth, knowledge, free will, reality and meaning. Lively, accessible, breezy, thought-provoking and frequently entertaining, this expanded second edition represents two decades of Hoffmann’s progress in grappling with these fascinating issues, as well as his efforts to share his fascination with general audiences wanting to dip their toes into philosophy. 

Phillip Hoffmann holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Calgary. He is the author of books including Nothing So Absurd: An Invitation to Philosophy (Broadview Press, 2003). He conducts online philosophy tutorials and lives in Airdrie, Alberta.  

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