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Roberta Grieve

Finding Katy

Finding Katy

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Nurse Claire Burton is shocked when she hears Aunt May’s dying words, ‘Your mother didn’t die, dear.’ She determines to find answers to the mystery that had hung over her all her life. She had always known that she was adopted but questions about her real parents had been brushed aside.

Flashback to World War One and a house in mourning. Sixteen-year-old Katy Woodward, the daughter of a prominent Sussex businessman, is grief stricken. Her brother has been killed on the front and she prays her lover, farm boy Tommy, hasn’t met the same fate.

Then she discovers she is pregnant. Innocently, she had not realized the consequences of her loving farewell to Tommy before he left for the Front. When the baby is born, Katy’s parents blame Nanny May for neglecting her charge. Her father orders May from the house and tells Katy the baby has died,

Katy breaks down and her father has her sent away to a private institution. But she is convinced the baby survived.

Years later Claire, still looking for answers, confides in Doctor Philip Reade who promises to help.

 Will Claire ever be reunited with her birth mother?

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