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Jude Pittman

Deadly Consequences - McWinter Investigations #3

Deadly Consequences - McWinter Investigations #3

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Kelly McWinter and Gillian are keeping a promise, and taking their first vacation as a couple at Bubba’s Paradise Lodge. Of course, the fact that Cam Belcher, the owner of the Hideaway and feisty redhead Stella Davis, have picked this particular Paradise to tie the knot is the icing on the wedding cake.

Everything is perfect – the setting is gorgeous, the weather is heavenly and love is definitely in the air. At least that’s the way it seemed when Kelly and Gillian returned from the wedding of their best friends and prepared to settle in for the night in one of Bubba’s romantic little cabins.

Flash forward to the middle of the night, and the sound of Bubba Tate banging the hell out of the cabin door is enough to put a damper on any vacation, and when the reason for Bubba's late night intrusion turns out to be the murder of one of Gillian’s stable boys back at her riding stable in Fort Worth, the wedding is over and Paradise is in the rear view mirror of the 747 taking Kelly and Gillian back home to Texas.

The small community of Indian Creek is rocked by the nasty doings at Eagle Mountain Lake: a dirty rotten snake peddling child porn, a psychopath killing stable hands and a monster who beat a pretty teenage girl over the head and left her for dead.

Kelly and his old partner Augustus Graham are hard pressed to discover the truth disguised by the lies and mis-directions hidden in this intricate whodunnit, and Kelly is desperate to solve these crimes before Gillian sinks in the muck that someone is dumping on her riding stable.

Friends of Christopher Greyson's Jack Stratton novels are going to love Kelly McWinter PI.
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