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Eden Monroe

Dare to Inherit

Dare to Inherit

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When Feenia Brooks dies suddenly of a heart attack, her three estranged nieces are shocked to discover that their elderly aunt was actually worth millions, the money earned through shrewd investment of Feenia’s own familial inheritance.

Feenia and her husband, Delmar, had taken the girls in when their parents were killed in an automobile accident, although Jocelyn, Chloe and Willow had never been happy in their home – relieved when they were finally able to escape their clutches.

It was following the funeral that Jocelyn, Chloe and Willow attended the reading of the will, the final venomous wishes of the deceased having been previously videotaped for their benefit. In order to inherit, Jocelyn and Chloe must obey Aunt Feenie’s instructions to the letter, making lifestyle changes as stipulated – and all within just one year!

Can Jocelyn sober up – and stay that way, despite repeated failure to do so in the past? Can she win back her estranged husband as required? Any mention to him of what’s at stake would immediately disqualify her from inheriting.

Can Chloe, a bona fide city girl, convince Feenie’s choice of husband for her, an Alberta cowboy dead set against marriage, to walk down the aisle - without his knowledge of what’s on the line? If he finds out prior to the anticipated nuptials, she gets nothing.

What will become of Willow, disinherited solely because of the man she married? Can she save her troubled marriage and make peace with the loss of millions?

One year, two choices and three women will tell the tale – and the clock is ticking….
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