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Alison Lohans

Canine Cupid

Canine Cupid

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Kara’s vengeful con-man ex-husband has left her with a mountain of fraudulent debt – and now he’s begun stalking her, too! What is a hardworking elementary school teacher to do, simply to stay afloat, let alone trust someone new? Is Kara even safe?

Peter is still grieving the deaths of his beloved wife and daughter. Even so, his self-pitying widowed mother keeps escalating her unreasonable demands. Meanwhile, Peter’s stand partner in the symphony comes on to him, although he’s tried hard to make it clear that he’s not interested – in 

When Kara slams on the brakes to avoid hitting a stray dog and Peter rear-ends her, an unexpected and unwelcome attraction begins to flare.

Editorial Reviews:
This love story is beautiful. These two people are real. Past experiences have made them skittish. They are attracted to each other, but they are afraid of being hurt or of imposing their own burdens on each other. Yet they work through it all, gradually and realistically, separately, and--most important of all--as a couple. When they come together at the end, the reader can be pretty sure that they belong together and that they will stay together and be happy--they and their dogs!"
Mary Balogh, New York Times Bestselling author of Regency romances

"The skillfully drawn characters come to life in this well-written contemporary romance novel. Our hearts ache for them as they work through the psychological scars from the tragedies in each of their pasts and struggle to overcome the real obstacles to a fulfilling future together." Sharie Argue, musician and educator

“I felt like I was immersed in the lives of two people I’ve actually met—people who juggle a relationship with the demands of their careers, the ghosts of past relationships … and the pressures of … caring for a parent. Canine Cupid is a delightful read for lovers of romance—and of course—dogs.
Maureen Ulrich, author of the Jessie Mac Hockey Series – Power Plays; Face Off, and more.

Author Alison Lohans wasted no time getting into the plot of her novel, but I found I was swept away by the characters … When you add this to a well-written plot that slips down as easily as lemonade on a hot summer afternoon, and – of course – two VICs (Very Important Canines), you have everything you need for a charming romantic read.”
Riana Everly, author of The Mystery of the Missing Heiress: A Pride and Prejudice MysteryThrough a Different Lens: A Pride and Prejudice Variation, and more; also a musician
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