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Dean L. Hovey

Burnt Evidence - Doug Fletcher #8

Burnt Evidence - Doug Fletcher #8

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A 911 call cut off mid-scream and a melted cellphone in a circle of burned grass hint at an alien abduction in Effigy Mounds National Monument. Doug Fletcher’s cop intuition makes him reluctant to accept the investigative assignment. Jill Fletcher’s curiosity and desire to escape the oppressive Texas summer weather overcome his hesitancy.

Watching a pair of eerie lights rise over the park has them questioning their eyes. The assistance of an Air Force UFO expert, Doug’s ex-wife (an archaeology professor), and ghostly apparitions walking the river bluffs in the moonlight contribute more questions than answers. The eerie sights and clues create a confusing mix of Native traditions, aliens, and UFOs. Joined by a Navajo Nation Police colleague, they pull apart the threads of diversion and get to the root of the problem.

Mr. Hovey has done it again. Great story with vivid characters. Truly a fun read. Finished my copy in one day. The plot twists turn and intertwine to make this a can’t put down read. Bravo Dean!
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