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Eden Monroe

Barlowe Pride - Martel Sisters #2

Barlowe Pride - Martel Sisters #2

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The Summer Vale Ranch once flourished with old Duke Barlowe at the helm, persevering despite his troublemaking neighbours, the Sutherlyns. And then circumstances, age and stubborn pride took their toll. 

Duke’s grandson, Hayden Barlowe, was the ranch’s heir apparent. Hayden had been set to wed the lovely Naomi Martel, both families delighted with the match, when he balked and called off the wedding. Naomi was brokenhearted when he took Mary Rae Sutherlyn for his wife instead. 

Hayden was banished from the ranch when he chose a bride from the enemy camp, but now, twelve years later he’s back, divorced and ready for a fight. And a fight is waiting. 

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