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Eileen O'Finlan

All the Fur and Feathers - Cat Tales #1

All the Fur and Feathers - Cat Tales #1

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Smokey, an architect employed by Fluffington ArCATecture, lands the account of her dreams -- designing the first ever cat park in Faunaburg. Her boss, Abigail Fluffington, says that if Smokey is successful, she'll become a partner and inherit the business. 

A dream come true? There’s one problem. The proposed park is adjacent to Rodent Way. Activist Jerome J. Ratley, quickly forms R.A.T. (Rodent Action Taskforce) and stages a protest. 

Meanwhile, Smokey’s lovable but quirky sister and cooking savant, Autumn Amelia, is busy dishing up meals too delicious for any fur or feather to resist. And wandering uninvited into the kitchens of local restaurants to improve their recipes.  

Together with their furred and feathered friends, Smokey and Autumn Amelia must find a way to make the proposed park a reality. But how to abolish the long-standing animosity between felines and rodents?

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