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Jamie Hill filled up one notebook after another, writing as a young adult. She picked up the craft again years later, tapping on the computer late at night after putting her children to bed. First published in 2005, she’s written numerous novels and short stories.

Jamie lives in the Midwest, USA,  where she enjoys spending time with her family, watching Netflix, crocheting, and snuggling warm, cuddly puppies.






Witness Security - Series - Book 1 - Pieces of the Past

The past is closing in on Christine Scott. Uprooted from her pleasant life in Chicago, she and her two children are thrust into the Witness Security Program when the mistakes of her husband catch up with him. He lands in prison, while she and the kids are transplanted to a quiet Kansas town. Christine does her best to keep life normal for her active ten-year-old son and persistently moody seventeen-year old daughter. But when they start receiving gifts from an anonymous sender, reminders of their old life, it becomes obvious that someone has found them.

Doug Jackson's been in service with the US Marshal’s office for fifteen years. He hasn’t lost a witness yet, and doesn’t intend to start with Christine or her family. If he can get them to cooperate, his job might be easier. Unfortunately, no one seems concerned about making Doug's life easy. Not the man in the white sedan who eludes him, nor the pretty Christine, thoughts of whom he can't seem to shake. Their lives depend on Doug keeping his head in the game, and he's determined to do just that.

“Ms. Hill is one of my favorite authors and I'm reminded of that each time I read one of her books. She has a talent for taking the reader on a journey with unforgettable characters while developing a plot line that is highly entertaining." ~ Val, You Gotta Read Reviews

"Jamie Hill tells a wonderful story that sucks you in from the very first page." ~ Alisha, Two Lips Reviews


Witness Security - Series - Book 2

US Marshal Jordan Burke is happy for her partner when he takes a month off for paternity leave, but she's not happy about her substitute partner. Nick Pierce worked for the Topeka Witsec office years ago and left under less than the best of circumstances. When he’s asked to fill in he hesitates, but curiosity about Jordan makes him accept the job. The minute he sees her again he doesn’t regret his decision. From Atlanta to Los Angeles, Jordan and Nick discover that danger, and help, can come from the strangest sources. While they struggle to protect their witnesses, the bigger challenge seems to be keeping each other alive. And there’s always the possibility that they might kill each other first.

Review for Witness Security Book 1 - Pieces of the Past
Christine Scott's husband's been stupid. Criminally stupid. More to the point, he's made their children targets. She's done all she can to protect them, new lives, new identities, complete cooperation with the witness security program and its agents. But none of that was good enough. Now Agent Doug Jackson is their only hope. Suspense at its best! G.R. Branan, Amazon Reader

“Ms. Hill has the gift of knowing what the reader wants and then hitting you with an ending you certainly don’t expect. Two thumbs up!” ~ Val, You Gotta Read Reviews


It’s US Marshal Ben Markham’s job to keep witnesses alive, but providing protection to BDSM social club owners who stumble onto double murders isn’t at the top of his bucket list. Still, protecting Mitzi Pomeroy until trial has its perks. Like close contact with gorgeous, smart-as-a-whip Assistant DA Addison Decker. Too bad Addie doesn’t come with a warning label. Who’d have thought an ADA could have so many secrets? Or that those secrets will find Ben and his partner Nick Pierce scrambling to keep them all alive?

“Suspense at its finest. This book has it all, romance and mystery. A real thriller. Ms. Hill has done it again.” ~ Romance/mystery author, Roseanne Dowell

I've been waiting and waiting for this one. Jamie Hill's Witness Security books are on the top of my reading list. I'm so excited that Cover of Darkness is here  - it's also on my "gift" list for romantic suspense reading friends and family. Jude Pittman, author of the Kelly McWinter, A Murder State of Mind series