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Byron Fry, Musician - Producer














Byron Fry grew up in the East San Fransisco Bay Area. Even when he was a small child, everyone knew he would be a musician. At 21, he all but inevitably moved to L.A. and, aside from 7 years living in the Eastern Sierras (the place he truly belongs), he has spent his entire adult life in the L.A. music industry.


As a composer, arranger, orchestrator, producer and studio musician, his credits span genres from the familiar to the exotic, with numerous #1-hit and grammy-winning artists and multi-platinum producers having used his arranging & production services many times, as well as his guitaring. He has scored over 2 dozen hours of footage for film and TV, played on innumerable records, been commissioned to write for orchestras and other large ensembles, is an indie recording artist who has won critical acclaim in the guitar fusion genre, and has toured through dozens of countries. He's still hoping to write or play the perfect note.


In 2003, he took a four month long cruise ship gig where he discovered that he absolutely loves writing. Since then, his short pieces have appeared in periodicals on many occasions, and he regards writing as the next inevitable appendage to grow.


For his full bio, credits & discography, interviews and reviews, etc. go to https://byronfry.com/

You can sample his writing here: https://byronfry.com/knucklehead/


BWL Publishing Inc. is pleased to announce that Byron's story will be one of our Creative Non-Fiction releases for 2025.