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Tia Dani is the multi-published writing team made up of good friends Christine E. Jones and Beverly Petrone. Together they create endearing and realistic characters, humorous dialogue, and unusual settings. And…best of all…they’re having the time of their lives. Storytelling has been a passion for Christine since childhood when she regularly enthralled the neighborhood children with make-believe fairy tales and wild adventures. Always the lover of a good romance, Beverly’s goal is for you to step into the shoes of her heroine, fall head-over-heels in love with her hero, and most of all believe in the magic of love.

Tia Dani happily calls Arizona home where they play in the sunshine and dance in the twilight of the beautiful Sonoran desert. Tia Dani loves to hear from readers and they are always eager to chat about their books or any other subject that might come up. For more information about Tia Dani's books including blurbs, reviews and purchase links, please visit their website: www.TiaDani.com

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Protecting his hometown was easy, but Sheriff Brad Davidson had learned the hard way the price of personal involvement. Risking his life, no problem, risking his heart, that was another issue. Love was a complication he had no desire to take again…ever. Until he came across a woman unconscious in a back alley. Without warning his life got complicated.


Dana Barrett, a young widow with four young children, looks for a fresh start in a small town. Malicious gossip ruined her life once and she swears to never let it happen again. While Dana struggles to keep a professional relationship with the attentive sheriff who’s stealing her heart, her painful past raises an unswayable wall between them.


The entire town is convinced Sheriff Davidson is the answer to Dana’s family and the town’s future.  But can they convince her that not all gossip is meant to be destructive? Sometimes you need to risk it all.



Justine Tory Cryst is to be initiated into Gaia’s universal coven. Problem is…Justine must conjoin with a perfect soul-mate at the stroke of midnight on her 29th birthday.


Shaun Kelly can’t believe his good luck, or bad luck, when the woman who crushed his heart in college magically returns into his life. However, the chances of his rekindling their romance are zip because he’s certain she is hell-bent on putting the company he works for out of business…permanently.


Unbeknownst to either, Justine’s goddess-mother is determined to bring Shaun and Justine back together. The two must work as one to thwart an environmental catastrophe before it destroys life countrywide. Additionally, and vital to Gaia’s coven, Shaun has exactly what Justine needs to become the mother of the next generation of powerful Wiccans. His gene pool.



New Mexico, Tribal Policeman, Lance Logan, senses his cousin’s brutal death is more than just a wild animal attack. His Navajo intuition leads him to Phoenix, Arizona where he finds himself embroiled in another strange mauling case.


Carly Carlton is considered as an ordinary woman—except for two traits she keeps hidden—clairvoyant powers and the ability to experience death in dreams. In the past, her gift to see beyond the veil of reality was rejected by the police making her reluctant to go to them again. But when Lance arrives in town searching for unusual deaths, they team up and soon find themselves in a desperate fight to stay alive.


Unbeknownst to either, a demonic scientist is intent on creating a human with animalistic-killing tendencies and is on the hunt. But the madman’s plan doesn’t include Carly’s expanding talents or her unconditional devotion for Lance. She will do anything to protect people she loves—even if it means matching wits with a psychopath she only knows from her dreams, and, if need be, sacrificing her own life.



High-Princess, Solena Cartair, accepts she is the prophesized female ruler who will have to face Harmageddon threatening her people in Vada Galaxy. The Prophecy also demands she needs a husband strong and astute enough to help with the terrible troubles to come. However, the Prophecy says nothing about who she wants to be her future Consort.

As an Off-World Guardsman, Erik Dane’s experiences and training makes him perfect to claim the High-Princess over all other wannabe suitors. The rules? Capture and hold the head strong female for the required amount of time. Little he knows, Solena has her own ideas who will help her rule the galaxy, even if she has to cheat, lie, and deceive.

But once Solena and Erik meet they realize neither will have what they desire until they accept the true test given to them. Trust and Sacrifice.




Ever since Solena accepted the Vada crown and took control of the galaxy, treachery threatens. It’s everywhere. Confusion runs unceasing among the high-ranking leaders within the Planetary Federation. Friends and enemies no longer seem obvious. Someone, somehow, is orchestrating the misunderstandings. But who?

While Solena struggles to maintain order in the once peaceful galaxy, two, major, more personal concerns occupy her mind. What happened to her beloved missing sister, Lauren? And why does her husband suddenly fight her every decision, something Erik swore he’d never do?

A brutal, calculating, adversary behind the oncoming Harmageddon thrives on deception. His next attack centers on Solena’s husband. Have Erik removed forever and blame it on Solena.



Libby Strammon believed her life was on track. A young woman of the tumultuous 1960's, she worked hard to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor so she could open a practice in the small Kansas farming community where she was raised. But when a perilous storm sweeps her back a hundred years into the past she is forced to rely on her instincts while navigating the changed world that a hundred years difference has wrought.

Kansas Volunteer, Lieutenant Matthew Dome's magnetic attraction to the slightly odd woman who appeared out of nowhere wars with past promises made—promises he'd failed to keep. He yearns to have the fascinating spitfire by his side, but can't let go of the past and his guilt long enough to convince himself she belongs in his life.

When circumstances send Libby and Matthew into danger, and a buried secret is revealed, Libby races against time to choose between returning to the 20th century she is familiar with or remain with Matthew who loves her but failed her once before?


Review: A Beautiful Love Across Time - Diane E. Goodman

Time travel novels are amongst my favorites, I was looking for something new to read when I came across this one in my library. Once I started it I couldn't put it down. This book really flows and keeps you wanting more. There are 200 plus pages but it's not enough, I wanted to find out what happened to the rest of the family and friends. What happened when the book ended? The attraction between Libby and Matthew was what every person man or woman hopes to find at least once in their lifetime. The friendship between Matthew, Lucas and Joseph are what every child needs in their lives, Friends through thick and thin. My only complaint about this book is that there wasn't enough and no follow up novels. I want more so much more.. If the authors read their reviews, I hope they've got more stories about these dear, wonderful people. They could be our neighbors and people we have come across in our own lives. If you love books about true romance, Lots of action and plenty of laughs. Please do yourself a favor and give this wonderful book a chance, You won't be sorry.



 A vicious curse stalks the pristine Scarlet Canyon Ranch. Veterinarian Robyn Truesdale arrives for a business trip and triggers a battle of metaphysical beliefs with reality.

Architect Taylor Martin refuses to believe the Apache legend of a recurring 40-year cycle of life and death originated by a shape shifter's promise…until he is possessed by a mysterious spirit determined to kill an ancient enemy.

After being forced to relive several past lives, Robyn and Taylor understand the need to overpower their relentless killer—one who can never die. Will they have the courage to face their supernatural assassin to free the Apache lovers...or will it cost them their own lives?