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Based in regional New South Wales, Australia, Priscilla Brown has a varied career history, with seven different jobs to date. Some have been worked concurrently, while writing is always a part of her life. These, along with her love of travel in Australia and overseas, and a passion for craft galleries and people watching in cafés, inspire ideas, characters and settings for her contemporary romantic fiction.

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On a working holiday in Britain, Australian journalist Jasmine takes one last assignment before returning home. Stuck on a tiny wild Scottish island, where the only inhabitants are a brusque ex-politician, her dour housekeeper and a hundred sheep, Jazz struggles to render the woman’s scathing memoirs publishable. Her lifeline, literally when he rescues her during treacherous weather, is the pirate-lookalike ferry deckhand, Angus, who may be more than he seems. He takes her to his “lair” on a nearby island for an exhilarating evening of Scottish dancing, where undercurrents of desire surge between them. When her father has a serious accident, she rushes to Australia earlier than planned, leaving unresolved the flaring relationship between her and Angus. His circumstances mean he must live on the island. Are a few nights of glorious passion and a shared fondness for fruit and nut chocolate enough to entice her back?





For mechanic Billie, fixing cars is easier than perking up her love life.  She runs her successful business, raises a teenage boy, and has a loving family, but she’s missing a special someone. When childhood friend Zac, whose family secretly left town years ago, calls into her service station by chance, they’re astonished to come across each other. Zac shocks himself with the sudden need to stay a while in this small historic country town and get to know Billie again. Their friendship blossoms; for Zac, struggling to cope after a personal tragedy, warm-hearted Billie is easy to talk to, but he cannot let himself love her. Billie is unsettled to find her long-mislaid hormones leaping into life, but dare she risk loving someone carrying so much baggage?  Can Zac allow Billie to help him heal?






 Single and sick of it, Gina is looking for a decent long-term relationship in this city new to her. She’s headhunted for deputy at an international business college, and her new workaholic boss couldn’t possibly meet her exacting criteria. Especially as they have a history: she recalls them at high school together, their fierce competition in class and in the swimming pool, arguments alongside a budding attraction.

Tragedies at age seventeen means they lose touch; she believes he holds a secret to do with her family that she has a right to know. He worries whether he can, or should, keep this secret while working with her. She worries that what he could tell her may be too upsetting. Meanwhile, at work she clashes with him over his autocratic management style, while undercurrents of their old rivalry surge between them. Are they now mature enough to cope with each other? And can they maintain the barrier between the professional and the personal?



He almost runs her over, she breaks a shoe in a drain…what can he do but play Prince Charming? This near accident caused by Alistair is Cassandra’s introduction to life in the fun lane. Both fresh out of inappropriate relationships and jobs, each is novelty value for the other.

But the exes are pulling tricks to be reinstated, offering lifestyles where income is guaranteed. So can Cassie’s passion for fashioning silver jewelry and Al’s for re-purposing driftwood timber keep them fed? And is this too-much-too-soon chemistry fizzing between them fit for the long haul?




Mayor Anna Marshall agonises over the parlous finances of both her country town and of her alpaca stud. Will this sexy television producer be financial salvation or major trouble?

Excited that Kyle Kinross wants to shoot his blockbuster drama not only in the struggling town, but on her cash-strapped farm, Anna sees his company’s fees as some relief from economic predicaments. But offering to pay her to film her alpacas smacks of buying her mayoral support.  Could she survive accusations of payola? Is Kyle only after her influence to win over community opposition to his project, or could he possibly want her for herself?




Men are off recently-divorced Cristina’s essentials list, so no way does romance figure in her expectations of her working holiday at Lovers’ Lagoon, a luxury Caribbean resort. She wants to discover why the resort has not settled a huge three-year outstanding debt to her father, previously its Australian representative.

Meanwhile, she’s fighting attraction to the resort’s pilot, who aims to put himself at the top of her list. Can this zany charmer break through lovely Cristi’s defenses and set free her warm and funny persona? Or is he merely a playboy who knows more than he’s telling?




What kinky no-hoper would attach his business cards to the sexiest bras in a luxury boutique?

Ambitious Sydney lawyer Olivia, seconded to Darwin for six months after ending a toxic affair with her boss, looks forward to a rest from men. Yet curiosity leads her to investigate the guy at the café identified on his card. Expecting the climate to be the steamiest aspect of her new life, she’s shocked by the kick of heat when Callum serves her coffee topped by a chocolate heart. Surely such a charmer would not be so romantically challenged he needs to use his cards as date bait. Callum doesn’t have time or inclination for a relationship, but he might make an exception for this classy blonde.

Resolving the enigma of the cards, Olivia learns Callum is not only the waiter she’d assumed. He learns she’s a PhD, out of his league for a boy who left school at fourteen. While the friendship they’d both intended blossoms into love, her departure looms. He knows she’s in line for a law partnership; if he begs her to stay, and she does, she may regret losing this opportunity. Stay or go—her decision