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Books We Love authors write diverse blogs with far-ranging topics. We're sure you'll find something to interest or amuse you!



The Books We Love Insider Blog is written by different authors covering a variety or subjects. Be sure to stop by and check it out.





Suzanne de Montigny

Suzanne's Thoughts for the Day


A blog about anything and everything, but mostly about writing.


Joan Donaldson-Yarmey


This blog started out being about my mystery writing but has morphed into my other genre writings, my writing life in general, and some of my travels. Who knows what direction it will take in the future.

Roseanne Dowell

A Little of This, A Little of That


Heather Greenis

The Natasha Saga 


Betty Ann Harris

Author of romantic suspense, mysteries and paranormal.
Go ahead, get swept away.


Janet Lane Walters

Eclectic writer


The Eclectic Writer is about writing and the things that affect a writer. About my books and those of others.


J.Q. Rose

Join me as we explore the worlds of writing, publishing, marketing, and reading!


Gail Roughton

Writin' With Southern Stylin'!


Down South, we don't disguise our crazy. We sit it right out on the front porch and let it wave to the passersby.



Vijaya Schartz


Where Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Romance Collide - Kick Butt Heroines - Romance with a Kick


Medieval novels blog:

Sci-fi fantasy adventure romance blog:



Ginger Simpson

Dishin' It Out


Sydell Voeller


Young adult and contemporary romance books by Sydell Voeller



Juliet Waldron

Possum Tracks
This is a harrowing trip we've all made, especially those of us who have
chronic diseases and those of us who are seniors, when the old body starts
to sputter out.

Stuart R. West


Humorous, heart-felt and at times horrific ramblings from the Midwest. Like Forrest's box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. I don't either (but I still manage a new post every Friday).







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We accept traditionally published authors with backlists as well as new Works in adult and young adult genre fiction.


Unfortunately we must concentrate our editing resources on authors with experience in publishing and for this reason we do not accept submissions from previously unpublished authors.


To submit your query letter, including a brief description of your experience and previously published Works (a brief paragraph introducing the genre of your manuscript and your main characters as well as a short summary) send this by email (with no attachments) to our marketing manager, Nancy M. Bell, books we love

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