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André K. Baby is a Montreal-born lawyer and author. A former Crown prosecutor and international business attorney, he has travelled extensively throughout Europe, North Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas. Before feeling the inexorable tug of the law, André spent time inter alia as a construction worker in the Canadian North, a yacht broker, and a night- club bouncer on the French Riviera. He continues to mine the wealth of his varied and rich life’s experience to forge his novels’ characters, locations and plots. His thrillers “Dead Bishops Don’t Lie” , “The Chimera Sanction”, “Le Pape Juif” and “La Danse des Évêques”, have received critical acclaim from readers and the press alike.  He and his wife live in Quebec.


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Jaws of the Tiger


A luxury vacation becomes a terrifying ordeal when pirates take over the Miami- bound cruise ship Caravan Star and demand $60 million in their offshore account within four hours. A Navy SEAL rescue operation executed from the USS Anzio is successful, but leaves many passengers dead and dozens injured including Interpol agent Thiery Dulac and his friend Karen Dawson. Taking advantage of Dulac’s firsthand knowledge of the attack after his recuperation, his boss Annette Arlberg assigns him to help the British authorities search for the perpetrators of the meticulously planned hijacking. Dulac is about to unveil an intricate web of dirty money, cover-ups and murders, when Home Secretary Sir Terence Hays invokes British national security interests and pulls Dulac off the case, reinforcing his suspicions that members of the British cabinet may be involved. Now all he has to do is live long enough to prove it.


 “A terrific story of action, adventure, and intrigue, with a pace that singes and tingles.  It’s a battle of wits that not only heats up the pages, but delivers solid entertainment.”   Steve Berry, best selling author of The Romanov Prophecy, The Amber Room, The Bishop's Pawn, the 14th Colony,